Change in the Seasons

For some of us, moving from summer to autumn is the best time of year – blankets, cups of tea, crisp air, nature walks, comfort food…


For others, it can be less fun – some would go as far as to say rather depressing. A lot of us suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In fact, in the UK, 60% of people have experienced at least one of the symptoms associated with SAD  – and women are four times more likely to suffer with it than men (as if it wasn’t hard enough being a woman!). Millennials are also more likely to suffer than any other age group, as 59% have experienced SAD at least once. And while humans adapt quite quickly to change, despite our fear of it, we can always find ways of making it easier on our psyche, and easing into the change in a positive way.


The image and the fear are always worse than the reality. Our brains have this funny way of making everything seem worse than it actually is. You know when you’re on the last day of your holiday and you think the world is going to come to an end? But then after 2 days of being home you’re back in your routine? Or you’re stuck studying for a test which you think you're going to fail but you come out saying ‘it wasn’t actually that bad?'


The same goes for the seasons, and just time in general. We have been in warmer weather for long, so we have almost forgotten what it feels like to not walk outside in a T-shirt without that ‘just in case’ jacket. So let’s get ready for that. Let’s combat our default psychological setting of fear and negativity, and go into the new season with a calm and clear head.


Here’s some suggestions to get you excited for the months ahead.


Buy some layers

Get your style on! Autumn can be a wonderful time for a style refresh. Hit the shops and go find yourself some cosy layers! We love a suede feel jacket, or just your classic oversized hoodie. Can’t go wrong.


Find a new skincare routine

Your skin needs extra TLC as the weather gets cooler, so why don’t you get the laptop out and do some research for some new skin treats for you? There’s an insane amount of variety out there, so there’s something that’s bound to make your cheeks feel like a new born. Ah, nothing better.


Find some new baking recipes

 Whoever says baking isn’t therapeutic is lying! Cinnamon and pumpkin are amazing in bakes this season, so why don’t you try perfecting your cinnamon roll recipe or try a pumpkin cake? Or if you’re a chocolate lover, try a new choccie recipe? Brownies, cookies, mousse, pies, cakes...there are endless options. Thank goodness for the internet.


It’s soup season

Healthy and comforting – it’s a win-win. Try some new soups and get all that nutritional goodness in, whilst warming up, and without breaking the bank.


Give the pumpkin spice latte a chance

Yeah, it’s basic b*tch season. Give it a go. You might like it. (Everywhere is gonna start selling them – or you could try make your own if you’re a coffee expert!)


Find a tea store and go try some tea

 Finding a new tea is one of life’s little pleasures. And will only do your body and mind good. Hit a tea store and ask for some samples – see which one you like the most. It could be your saving grace this season.


A new nail colour

No explanation needed. Burgundy, brown, purple, crimson, dark orange…we love it all.


Meet up with a friend you’ve not seen in a while

It's easy to lose touch with people, especially over Coronavirus. So why don’t you reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and go for a walk? Broaden your social horizons. It's always the most interesting encounters which are the most memorable.


Book some stuff to look forward to for Christmas time

I always find that having things to look forward to makes the present time easier. A weekend away, a new movie coming out, a restaurant that’s booked for months to come - simple things like these can make us feel like we are working towards a reward. Anxiety is typically how our bodies respond to bad potential scenarios - and those of us who are more prone to anxiety focus on the most negative outcomes. By having something positive and exciting coming down the pipeline, you’re undermining and challenging those pessimistic beliefs about the future, and send them straight to the back of your mind.


Re-watch a series you love or watch a new feel-good series!

Happiness on repeat.




Go on some dates if you’re single!

Now that restrictions are eased, there’s really no excuse. Just kidding. But seriously, if you want to meet someone, or even just have some fun different nights out, go on some dates! We think it’s the most character building activity. And the worst that could happen is that it’s a good story to tell.


If you’re not single, organise some special date nights with your other half

Relationships require upkeep – and with the hustle and bustle of day to day life, it's easy to forget to book enjoyable things with your other half, which are actually fundamental to any healthy relationship. Why don’t you try something new like a salsa class? Golf? A vegan cooking class? Rock climbing? Theres endless things you can try – and it's always undeniably more fun with your best friend.


It's art season darling!

Get a canvas, or try some leaf art, or even channel your inner child and get those crayons and glitter glue out of the basement! Even a painting by numbers is a lovely thing to work on, and is bound to keep you calm.


Discover some new scents for your home

As the seasons change, so does our taste in scent. We might go for more warming, spicy, musky smells to emulate that cosiness – or we may opt for more refreshing smells for a morning pick me up. 

As we said, for some people, autumn can be a miserable and daunting time. But we aim to make it a little bit easier on you – not only by providing our tips above, but also by giving you the opportunity to escape a little bit. Check out our collection of travel-inspired candles now, and find a new way to escape.




Keeping yourself busy and trying new things is not only going to distract you from the change in weather, but also give you a true sense of fulfilment, creativity and joy. Embrace this time to cosy up with loved ones, and reflect on the busy summer. Slow down a bit.

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