At Sababa, we think
Inspired by the science of smell and a zest for exploration, Sababa is revolutionising the world of home fragrance - with concepts that seek to change the definition of escapism
Our aim is to highlight the beauty of the most natural form of escapism - the imagination - and how harnessing its power can not only encourage a sense of healthy curiosity, but also foster emotional balance in our day-to-day lives.
Combining timeless luxury, character and finesse, our mission is to transport your mind to wherever you want to be. We are passionate about the world around us, how our journeys build new perspectives and how our experiences make us who we are. So we decided to recreate these experiences through the power of aromatics, so you are never too far from the places dearest to you. 
You can always find a piece of your story in a Sababa product - for these aren’t just candles. They are reminiscences, journeys, people and places. They are identity, for you and your home. 
The candles are handmade in the UK, vegan-friendly and designed to be upcycled - perfect for the environmentally-conscious but luxury-loving individual. Flower seeds are included with each candle so once the candle is finished, it can be used as a plant pot. Sababa also plant a tree for every product sold.