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We introduce an iconic scent which simultaneously relaxes and revives. Reminiscent of the energising earthiness of Autumn in a bustling city, it invites a sense of wakefulness and renewal from the moment it is lit. Likewise, it channels the inner-calm of those wholesome Autumn evenings in, evoking a feeling of peace and stillness. This scent will leave you with both a spring in your step, and a calmness within.

Aromatic sweet orange marries with notes of mandarin, tangerine and warming bergamot. A luxurious woody centre of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver on a delicate foundation of amber with musky nuances.

The dust cover which protects your candle comes with flower seeds inside which can be planted. We encourage you to up-cycle your vessel once you have finished your candle, so keep this dust cover for some beautiful flowers!

Our partnership with Greenspark means that for every product sold, 20kg of Carbon will be offset from the atmosphere. When you spend £100 or more, we will also plant 5 trees!

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